Monday, April 13, 2009

GTS 300 review ala Los Angeles

Above picture gleaned from the LA Times Up to Speed blog.

The LA Times moto blog has a review up of the Vespa GTS 300. Here's a quote:
""Fast" isn’t the first adjective I’d use for a Vespa. Classic? Of course. Adorable? Truly. But with its new GTS 300 Super, Vespa has come up with a bike that doubles as a can of whoop ass. "

After riding the machine myself, I'd have to agree! It is a torquey beast! You can read more about the GTS 300 review, here.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

First Friday alert!

Lifted from the forums:

"The infamous Slimm will be showing his amazing photography at First Fridays on April 3rd at Midwestern Music (behind Grinders & Crossroads, corner of 19th and Locust, 1830 Locust).Also that night, another local photographer,Angela Lupton ,will be showing her work and the Gaslights will be providing musical entertainment. www.thegaslights.comWould love to see some scooters down there. I'm not quite up and running yet, but hope to be soon thanks to the wonderful Crusader Tom and the rest of the bunch. You can also get a second dose of the Gaslights and more artwork on Saturday when my friend Jenni "Mac" McSpadden is exhibiting her artwork at the Brick and the Gaslights are playing at the Czar Bar.My PSA for the day!"

First Fridays is always an interesting time and the above will probably be no different. A little art, a little drink, and a few scooters always makes for a fun start to the weekend.

For the original post, check here. For more on First Fridays, click here.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Scoots arriving and SOON!

Currently scheduled for April the 8th, we have the following candies arriving to satisfy your sweet-tooth:

  • BV250 BLUE
  • BV500 BLACK
  • FLY150 GREY
  • FLY150 WHITE
  • FLY50 BLUE
  • GTS300 WHITE
  • GTS300 BLACK
  • GTV250 GREEN
  • LX150 BLACK
  • LX150 SIENNA
  • MP3500 BLACK
  • S 150 BLACK
  • S 150 ORANGE
  • S 50 WHITE

Mmmm, molto gustosa!

I'm pretty excited to finally get my mitts on a GTS 300 Super. The white one will be setup for Demo riding as well as the Demon Black MP3 500 and the blue BV250 Tourer. I'm really excited about the Vespa S 50, unfortunately, we won't have one for demoing. If you're not familar with that machine, it has a 4-valve 50cc motor which is supposed to be the fastest 50cc ever made!

Looking at the above list, it's obvious that we have a lot of bikes arriving at once. Piaggio was supposed to send us the bikes in two shipments: one in Feb and one this month. I guess late is better than never! However, with that many bikes arriving, I'm going to ask for your help in spreading the word that the new inventory is finally here at Vespa of Kansas City. Yeah, I'm not too proud to beg! Tell all your jealous non-Vespa riding friends! Tell your family members! Heck, look in the mirror and tell yourself: There's scoots a plenty!