Friday, September 29, 2006

LX floormats!

Just in! Breaking news! Fire! Fire!

Actually, the long awaited and infamously rumored to never have existed in the first place floormats for the Vespa LX are here!



If you had one on order, expect to hear from us, or just give us a call. If you want one, you betta getta hurry on, these are hot accessories. Not only do they keep your floorboard nice and clean, they give you extra foothold and grip for when your boots/shoes/flinstones become wet and slippery. Nothing more embarrasing than falling off your parked scooter because you slipped when getting onto it. Not that I've done that or anything...

Oh, and for you LX and ET owners, we still have the glovebox organizers (found them actually..) and at $20 a piece, you should be thinking about Xmas for your beloved scoot. You know, since it's treated you so nice this year!
Note: LX owners may need to do a little trimming for the glovebox organizer to fit properly.


A week from today, we, along with Habitat Shoes, Aptrick photography, the Darling Room, and Pidgeon will be sharing the love at First Friday's!! 18th and Baltimore (crossroads district) is where the party will be happening, starting at 6pm until 9pm.

Patrick Adams, (Mr. Aptrick photography if your nasty) will simultaneously be showcasing his latest work. Click the link for more info. Expect a scooter ride to the event (more info coming soon!) and hilarity to ensue. All in all, a guaranteed good time.

[In monster truck rally voice]BE THERE!!!


Thursday, September 28, 2006

September Christmas Tree

Last night, a friend and I decided to go on a semi-impromptu night ride through KCMO. All went well, until it rained, that is. Of course, the rain started after only 15 minutes of riding, and of course, in that 15 minutes, we found ourselves lost in Parkville. Of course.

We found ourselves at a crossroads: either we turn around and go the way we came (which was across a gravel road.. not recommended by the way, or press on ahead and see what turns up. Mind you it was pitch black out there except for our headlights and the occasional lights of passing cars. Fun stuff. Luckily, I was wearing some of the new gear from the store:

So with all the reflective taping I was wearing, I not only created a highly visible signal for on coming traffic to spot (and they did, trust me. They slowed down to oogle and stare. Funny stuff), but I also was a burning beacon for Ryan to follow.

We finally found ourselves at a 435 junction, but that meant getting on Interstate, and its hard enough to see the lines in the road at night time, but imagine trying to see those lines in the light absorbing rain.. Then imagine trying to see those two motorcyclists in that same rain.. Yeah, sounds like a recipe for disaster, eh? Not so much.

Ryan took the back position as I raced up ahead, turned on his highbeams, and as he said, "Lit up the right lane of 435 South like a Christmas tree." Good to know the stuff works in the worst conditions, not just for everyday riding. It may not make me invicible on the road, but after last night, I sure do feel that I wasn't INVISIBLE for a change.

The gear worn in question is the Helmet Halo and the Icon MILSPEC vest .
The vest (as an answer to an email question, thanks rob) has a LOT of reflective tape. Heck, on the specification sheet that comes with every vest, the next to last feature says, "Highly Reflective Tape for Lazy-Ass Car Drivers"! Hee hee!

Anyway, you need this stuff if you plan on doing any driving past dawn, and because they're priced to make you ask "why didn't I do this sooner?" you should give us a call or swing by and pick some up.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

PSP Vespa?!

Apparently, Vespa dealers in the dutch-speaking country of Benelux (Netherlands) have a very special Vespa for geeky kids everywhere.

The all white 50cc Vespa LX comes branded with PSP and Sony livery and comes with a voucher for a free PSP. Funny thing is that the cost of the Vespa is $200 over the price of a non-PSP version... Yeah, the price of a PSP. I guess the term "free" is subjective, but I'm not an marketing ethics lawyer; I sell scooters. This bike is, obviously, a limited edition. Not that we can order it for you... just letting you know.

Via Uber Review

More Cannonball Goodness

Chris G trying to get out of Scooter's bear hug. And yes, that IS an auxilary fuel tank on the back of Chris' LX190. (Yup, an LX190!)

Unknown to most of you, Vespa Kansas City has a sister store in Des Moines, IA. They recieved a shout out on Chris G's Cannoball blog. Chris, for those not in the know, traveled from OR to NY with 32 other scooter riders.

Des Moines very own Scooter (that's his name) had come to the rescue when Chris' variator needed changing, thus the name drop in Chris' blog. If you happen to be in the Des Moines area, check out Scooter and his crew at Vespa Des Moines (515.964.0611). They'll set you straight.


Another Vespa Commercial!

Rev-it, that lazy contributor you never hear from, sent me an email containing a link to a file for a commercial with.. OMG, this was about to be the longest sentence ever! Just click HERE and enjoy yourselves.


Thanks again to Lazy Rev-it for the link.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Whilst you were sleeping: Part II

As promised, here are the pictures from the impromptu ride to Weston.

New Gear!!

Yesterday, the new Buttons came in.

Today, the Helmet Halos and Nelson Rigg Saddlebags paid us a visit.

The Helmet Halos are exactly that; a halo that fits over your helmet. Its nondescript and not quite unsightly by day...

but bright and magnetizing to all the cars around you under lower light conditions.

The spandex-like halo stretches around either the bottom of your fullface helmet, or diagonally across the temple of your 3/4 helmet, reflecting the energy from headlights back at the cars they belong to. Its highly visible, and only $20 a band.

The Nelson Rigg Mini Saddlebag is way awesome!

Small enough to fit on your scoot, yet big enough to haul your groceries, these little wonders will fit on a variety of machinery. The bottoms are heat resistant and reflective, scalloped and can attach to your bike in a multitude of ways, none of which require any tools. You can either throw them over the seat, or if you want a more semi-permanent fix, attach them under the seat.

They come with rain covers and frame straps. Attached are foam protectors to keep your paintwork nice and shiny, and the zippers have pullers on them for you folks that like to wear gloves when you ride. Also attached are handles, just in case you need to carry your gear inside the office with you.


Both the Halo and the Saddlebags are available for order. We got in enough to satisfy the folks on the waiting list, so if you want either one (or both), just give us a call or send us an email. Shipping time is only 3 days, so let us know.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Whilst you were sleeping

This Sunday afternoon, Sooty, err.. our mechanicca Jason and I took a ride down to Weston, MO with a few of the KCUNITED crew. Took a few fotos while out. Unfortunately, I'm too busy to post them :) I'll update later.

The ride itself was from NKC out to Weston and was a nice, easy going scenic route with a little bit of slow freeway, rolling hills, plains of wheat, and gravel (?!@$^). Overall it was a good time. Expect to see this route in any upcoming store rides.


The clothing buttons are IN!!

We have NEW buttons in stock!! Designed by yours truly for the fashionista that doesn't mind sharing their scootering pride with the rest of the world.

Three different designs with a fourth coming soon to round out the fall accessory that everyone wants to have on their riding jacket! Each button is pin-and-loop equipped for a crisp fit and go nowhere look. They're HUGE too, larger than your traditional fancy button, measuring a whopping inch and a quarter in diameter. WOW!

These babys look great all day...

all night.

Get one, or one of each for only a dollar! Yeah, I know, I'm a genius.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Candid Test Ride

Mr. Chong, our visiting helmet tech, wanted to test ride the latest in Vespa technology. We threw him the keys and he set the floor afire. After we got him to slow down a bit, he did a burnout in a full circle and then clutch-wheeled his way out the door. The following video is of our helmet tech right before he started his rampage.

Always wear your helmet. Mr. Chong is a master racer/stuntman, but says he wears his helmet 99.99% of the time.

Well, that was fast.

Monday, we brought in a quite a few new bikes from our warehouse. Its Saturday and we're starting to look empty again. Two bikes out, both Vespas. One of which being that tasty Steel Gray GT 200 that I like so much (I knew that was going to happen! ARGH!) Oh well, it has a nice new home and hopefully we can get another in.. I say hopefully because after selling the last of the Vintage Green GTs, we're looking at a shortage of the Steel Gray (another 'launch' color).


New Scooter Ride??

Ever dream of riding a two wheeled monster through decreasing radius hairpins, up shoots and camelbacks at speeds in excess of 45mph?

pic by

Nah, me neither.

Apparently, a few folks want to experience the sensation that is motorcycling without actually worrying about cleaning the bike after every ride and filling it up with gas.

Vekoma?s worlds first motorbike launch coaster is in operation. The coaster combines the unique feeling that a motor bike offers with the excitement of riding a roller coaster. The guests will be treated to an exciting launch start, whereby the motors will be accelerated from 0 to 75 km (0-46 miles) per hour in 3 seconds, after which the motors will enter into an exciting track of approx. 600 meter (approx. 2,000 ft.) with a number of camelbacks, a horseshoe element, a horizontal loop and a high speed curve."

Check it out here. Its in German by the way, so you may need to ask your Deustch friends for help or maybe Mr. Google Translator.

It's official!

Mi Fanno male le gengive.

That means that the blog is officially attached to our mother page, Vespa Kansas City!
I've been known to lie; the above actually means 'my gums hurt' in Italian. Its just a fun and authoritive phrase I like to share with people. Use at your own discretion.

Now you can stop trying to remember the awkward address of the blog and just go the site you know and love to get your daily fix of local scooter tastiness.


Happy Autumn!!!

The above foto is of our local DOT/SNELL helmet standardization and safety guru, Mr. Chong. He was testing the fit of this helmet, which was labeled large. To everyone's surprise, it was too big for his head. Ironic.

Season change!

Gotta love the turning of the leaves, turning of the temperatures, and the turning of the colors in your hair as the stress from all the upcoming holiday season eating will no doubt sprout a few new grays on your head and add inches to your waist.

Good times.

Because its arguably the best season of the year, and the riding weather is going to be simply superb for the next few months, we're offering a sale!

Let me write that again.

Vespa Kansas City is having a SALE! (till supplies run out) on the few remaining 2006 LX50 Vespas we have in stock! So, if you've been eyeing that tantalizing tool of terrific transportation, I suggest you contact us sooner than later. Try one on for size with a test-ride, and pick up some gear to brag to the neighbors. You can worry about your weight later.

Friday, September 22, 2006


For those of you who don't know, the Scooter Cannonball rally took place this summer. Actually it just finished. This cannonball, much like other distance rallies, involved a ride cross country, but on scoots. To read what it would be like, you know, just in case you were thinking of doing it next year, check out Chris G's blog about his adventure.

Congratulations to all the cannonball riders!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today show's MP3 link

As promised, I have the link to this morning's MP3 segment on NBC's Today.

Click here for sillyness via Meredith and Matt

Everybody likes MP3s

I just made a new MP3 phone ringer for my celly and was about to call it to hear how it sounded when the cell actually rang! Surprise! It was Chris from the shop; said to turn my TV to NBC. I hung up, found the morning show and what was on? Two Piaggio MP3s!! One in blue another in silver, and they were looking mighty handsome!! As soon as its posted, I'll link to a video for those who were either at work, or doing what I USUALLY do at that hour... sleep.

fixed link. Thanks Joseph

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

October 1rst Fridays

Friday, October 6th, 2006 at 18th and Baltimore in the Crossroads district you can expect to see a whole lot of Italian steel as we celebrate 60 years of Vespa. Expect to see not only the new scoots you've come to love, but a lot of classics as well in the showcase. Coupled with the standard First Friday faire, it promises to be a good time! Call us if you have any questions.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No Vacancy.

The Showroom is looking pretty nice after all the work we did on our off-day. Grabbed quite a few bikes, and now the place is looking quite handsome. Not to brag, but man, its hawt!

Monday, September 18, 2006

More riding weather

Ain't Monday's great?

More cool weather means more smiley faces when riding. Just so you know, if you're caught smiling while out on your Vespa, expect everyone in their cars or SUVs to start smiling back at you; smiling is contagious. Just make sure you brush your teeth in the morning before the ride to work. Otherwise, they may start laughing at you.

I say laugh back.

We picked up quite a few bikes today. 6 to be exact, including the infamous gray GT200. Man, that is quite a beautiful scoot. Anyone, stop by and take a looksy.


Friday, September 15, 2006

FAQ update


Made a change to the FAQ which is linked to the right. Oops, I meant the left! Having two FAQs didn't make much sense, so I killed one of them. Kinda.... The original is still and always will be available here, but the other one is now...

This is where you make a drumroll sound with your mouth...


Vespa Kansas City's SCOOTER TIPS!

From here on out, that file will contain valuable info regarding things such as how to properly stop at an intersection or how to attach the grocery bags to the seat hook without the bag coming off... You know, stuff you care about :)

Anyway, expect the first new post in the next day or so, and if you have any questions that you think will be a worthy addition to the Scooter Tips, send it my way.

Have a good weekend!

Friday's treat

This is lovely stuff

This commercial is for fans of two things:

European Futbol

And Vespas!

An older Adidas commercial that stars all of your favorite futbol players and arguably the largest number of Vespatisi to appear on screen, ever.

Some browsers may not play the video, so here's the link

New friends

I have good news, and then bad news.

Good news is that we've had scoots arriving in the showroom all week long. Bad news is that they're probably going to dissapear again, come today and tomorrow.

Oh well, those are the breaks!

The new friends to the showroom this week have [so far] included two Gloss Black GTS', a Midnight Blue LX150, and a Sky Blue LX150. Both of the blue LXs are newer colors, and unless you're one of our frequent visitors, chances are you haven't seen them yet. Come on in and try one on.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

AM & FM comes standard

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Apple unleashed a plethora of new ipod gear this week, one of which being the new clip-style shuffle (pictured above). Normally, I wouldn't suggest riding on two wheels with music playing in your helmet, because, well frankly, you need those ears to detect obstacles and various dangers while on the road. However, a lot of us do ride and enjoy music, but then the problem becomes dealing with how to keep the wires from the earphones out of the way, and where to put that clunky music box.

If you're thinking of doing the tune thing the new shuffle is a tiny little unit that literally clips onto whatever like a clothespin. Tucked out of the way and one less thing to worry about. Although, you might as well know the law. The law behind riding in ANY vehicle with things in your ears other than earplugs is pretty much.. One ear only. If you're seen riding with an earbud in BOTH ears, you get a ticket..

Click here to see what I mean.

Don't be like that guy. Tickets suck.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Overcast with chances of busy

No sun in sight today, but that isn't keeping anyone from stopping in. We're busy today!!

The nice September weather is keeping us cool on the rides to and fro, but with those drops in temps, one must remember to bundle up. The best way to combat the cool is not by bringing the heavest jacket you own, but by applying the rules used by the Burton snowboarding team. Dress in layers. A nice underlayer wil keep you skin toasty while an overlayer (your work clothes probably) will further help moderate the chill. Any extra layers will help keep air circulating while keeping you snug and satisfied.

For the ladies out there, you may want to wear stockings or long johns under your work slacks. Sure, you may have to take em' off when at the office, but that's a small price to pay for having so much fun on the way there :)

If you plan on stopping by the shop today, expect to hear the tunes of Brian Wilson's "Smile" on the speakerbox. -Keef.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Free press

Apparently, scootering can be big news. We had the KC Star article earlier this week which proved to garner up quite a bit of interest via the phone (just come in and say hi folks!), and now we're in the October 06 issue of Cycle World Magazine.

The CW ad deals with the Piaggio MP3 and can be found on page 30. I haven't checked yet, but there may be an online version of the article on the CW site. Anyhow, its a short little write up, mostly explaining how the technology behind this ground-breaking vehicle is supposed to work for the average joe, and the mag seems to like it.

Also, on the same page, there's a tidbit about the Vespa LX50 HYBRID prototype that Piaggio is working on. Pick up a copy as it's out on shelves now.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Don't break the law

Today we had a visit from a parole officer. Apparently, folks are losing their driver's licenses via DUI and are trying to bypass the law by riding scoots. In some states, you CAN continue your daily errands via scooter, even if you lost your driving priviledges by doing something completely stupid like driving under the influence.

Of course, there are stipulations.. In Kansas, if the 2-wheeled vehicle is either over 125ccs and/or capable of going over 30MPH, its not considered a moped, it is considered a motorcycle and yup, you guessed it, you can't drive it without proper licensing, which means if you lost yours... you are left riding the bus. Or if you vote for it in November, the light rail.

Anyway, if you have questions about this, send your mouse cursor over this way.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Piaggio MP3

Nice three wheeled machine

that's right; THREE wheels. Many of you may know about this incoming phenom of the motorcycling world, many of you may not. But what makes this not-quite-a-trike so special is that the front suspension leans. Up to 40 degrees, at that! Not only does that make this bike more stable than any scooter on the market, but it brakes 20% more efficiently AND has more high-turn stability than your average four-wheeled car!!


At the shop we already have a bunch of folks on a list ready to grab when the product arrives stateside. Unfortunately, I don't know when that is... BUT, the U.K. seems to have been enjoying theirs since the middle of August. Click this link to see what I mean.

As far as more general info about the MP3, check here or here and gather some knowledge.

For lazy folks, the MP3 is a scooter designed for those who want a spirited ride without having to worry of falling off. Heck, there's not even a kickstand! Three wheels versus two means more grip, even in the wet, with traffic busting power in either a 125cc or 250cc engine. If you're the type who likes the benefits of a scooter or motorbike, but are afraid of it because of balancing or maneuverability, this is the vehicle for you.

Shoot us an email if you want to add yourself to the contact list.

KC star does article on scooters

Patrick next to someone else's Sprint

Well, not while ON scooters.. But they did a piece in today's FYI section ABOUT scooters. Decent read.. if you find the stuff the KC Star readable...


Anyway, follow the link and enjoy yourself!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Motorcycle Airbags?!


Not that this is entirely unrelated to you, but it's nice to see that new technologies are being trialed and implemented to further our safety as riders.

"The first public tests of Honda’s new airbag system for the Goldwing have proved conclusively that it will save lives."
"The tests were commissioned by the General German Automobile Association and drove two Goldwings in to the side of a static car at 44mph. One was fitted with the new airbag and the other was standard. The results were conclusive as the dummy on the unprotected bike ended up with a broken neck while the airbag protected rider only suffered light injuries."


Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Yes, it's on the site, and you could probably just as easily google it. Hell, you could email me or call us at the store...

But, I did it anyway. Say HI! to the FAQ blog about Vespa ownership. Right now, its pretty barebones, but I'll try and update this as much as possible. I can only take it so far before you end up selling ME scooters, so stay tuned.

Click Here or look to the left for the link.

You and the law

yay, its the police!

The question I've gotten all day is, "So, what engine size requires a motorcycle license?"

The answer to that question is another question, which is, "What state do you reside in?"
The reason for being rude over the phone by answering a question with a question is that in Missouri, anything 50cc or below does NOT require a moto endorsement on your driver's license.

But in Kansas... oh in Kansas.

Contary to popular assumption, in the fine sunflower state, the rule is per MPH, not engine output, so at Vespa Kansas City, even our 50cc bikes require a moto endorsement (they go over 30 MPH), which of course means... taking the licensing test (If you live in Kansas).

No big deal really. See, when purchasing any new road-worthy vehicle, you're given a 30-day tag. In the case of a new scoot, this tag acts as a temporary permit. So, go ahead and drive for that month and enjoy yourself, but make sure you're learning while out there; you have to take the driving test when your time is up.. Or do you???

Read on for more.

Happy September

Bugs and Teeth don't mix.  Without salt or pepper anyway..

Unoffically the month for riding, one can expect nice cool weather on the ride to and from work. Enjoy the sunshine on your face and the wind beneath your wheels as you bask the shared consciousness that is riding in September!!

Okay, maybe not...
However, this week promises to be darn mild, so if you don't already know, you can expect the air to feel up to 10 degrees cooler than the weather man tells you its going to be, when riding on your scoot or moto that is. So, either bring a light jacket or sweater when making those daily commutes, and if you have to ride at night, stuff something a little heavier under the seat.

Oh, and although you may not be able to help it, try and watch all the smiles during this month; September's cooler weather brings more toothy grins, and more visits to the dentist to remove the gnats and other bugs that get cought in motorists' chompers! Watch out!

Happy Motoring!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Rally reminder!

Today is the first day of the rally, so if you're reading this...

You're obviously not at the meet and greet at Grinders. Get there!!

Also, as a reminder, the fun continues with a nice ride to Weston from KC. If you're looking for some riding experience and have yet to gather some, long rides like the Weston rally are awesome. Not only do you get that on road experience you've been waiting for, but you aquire it within a group of like-minded individuals that look out for your safety. Makes it nice and stress free, and hey, that's one of the reasons we ride isn't it?

See you on the roads.

The E-10 question

We had perfect riding weather again yesterday and it looks like it carried over to this morning. I can't wait to get out there and enjoy it.

Yesterday, a customer at the shop asked a question to which I had no answer. The query was about Ethanol E-10 and its uses in the scooter motors. I promised Fred (congrats on your new scoot!!) that I'd do some research, and I'm expanding this promise over to everyone else that is interested. Likewise, if you out there know some info, pls share it with me so I can share it with you.

Keeep checking back for more info regarding this.