Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Its snowing, its snowing!

Yeah its time once again to pull out the sleds and snowboards, skis and inflatable tubes, ice salt and snow shovels, but that doesn't mean that riding on your two-wheeled vehicle of choice is out of the question.

Okay, maybe it does. I wouldn't be out there in this, but what I consider my limit doesn't apply to everyone.

Riding on an older police-issue Kawasaki 1300, he pulled into our shop to warm up a bit since his gloves were sub-par for the temps. Apparently, he wasn't a police officer, but a funeral escort rider, caught in the snowstorm on his way back from Atchinson. Sounded like bad news, but after witnessing his riding after he warmed himself up and hit the road again, i would have assumed that he was enjoying it!

Safe travels crazyrideinanyweatherguy. And safe travels to you guys out there as well!

We Do Vintage

Just a reminder that we service the old school 2T Vespas as well as the modern machines we sell & that winter is the best time to drop your vintage Vespa by for a quicker turn-around. From a tail-light bulb to a full restoration - we'll take it on.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mp3 in action II

More MP3 footage.

This is actually a pretty nice clip! It does a nice job of giving us an idea as to what the controls and dash look like as well as what that mysterious "tilt lock" mechanism is used for (0:59 in the video). Check out 1:26 for manuevers that couldn't be done by most on two wheels. Heck, I'm not sure I could do that on four wheels!

Also check out this vid for more basic footage, such as how that underseat/trunk space works!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

USA Weekend Edition

More MP3 news:

On the cover of the weekend edition of the USA Today publication, Piaggio's anticipated MP3 made yet another appearance. America just can't get enough of this bike, and we at the shop... We can't get enough either; we want that demo unit and we want it NOW! Stay tuned...
Click the pic or click here for the link to the story.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Somethings afoot!

Guess who finally showed up to dinner? The Piaggio three-wheeler is finally up on the PiaggioUSA site with the original MP3 name. I'm assuming that they finally were able to get clearance on that name and ditched the previously made official MZ3 nomenclature.

There isn't too much info, but they have a new theme for the vehicle that sounds very Japanese, complete with that "lost in translation" type of feel. WELCOME, TOMORROW.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Funancing online

For those of you out there interested in financing a scooter, you may now apply for Funancing online. Call or click the button below for details and the application.
We offer other financing options as well & will do our best to get you financed just call or visit the shop for the details.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Beanies In!

We just received a shipment of top quality "Vespa" embroidered knit caps to keep your noggin warm through winter or hide your helmet hair
The beanies are available in Lt Blue, Lime Green, Black & Red

Save 10 days a year! had an interesting article on the Piaggio three wheeler MZ3 this morning. Sure, you may be tired of all the attention the scooter has been recieving, but even if you're collecting every news clip, this one is a little different. Apparently, Paolo Timoni, CEO of Piaggio NA had the company run a hypothetical analysis "in which 20% of car volume in New York City was replaced by scooters. "We learned that each of those drivers would save ten days a year," he said. "

Assuming that those ten days refers to lost time due to sitting in gridlocked traffic, thats a big deal! Check out the article which includes that infamous Fifth Gear video we posted last year, just in case you missed it!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Well, It looks like we have a name!!

At the traveling motorcycling bonanza known as the International Motorcycle Show (or IMS), the Piaggio three wheeler, formally known to us as the MP3 had its new name plastered all over it. I'd like to reintroduce you to the MZ3.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Even on a snow day

Last Saturday, during all that tasty inclement weather we were enjoying, we still sold a scoot! Thats right, the postal service isn't the only crew doing there thing regardless of the climate conditions.

Bill's spanking new PX with the white wall tires and rear rack had to be delivered because of all the standing snow and ice; we took a few shots of it before loading it into the mystery-mobile.

We delivered to his home safe, sound and frozen, but he had a nice comfy place in the garage already prepared for it, complete with warm blankets, a food dish and tons o' treats. Good man!

Could you use a (Roman) holiday?

Found this famous clip a few days ago and thought I'd share. Enjoy.

For those not in the know, this clip is from Roman Holiday (1953), starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.. and a Vespa (of course!) The clip is when Audrey's character, Ann, decides to take the Vespa out on her own for the first time. Hilarity ensues.

If your browser is being stupid or the video isn't loading, you can view it right here.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Snowy slush-set Saturdays

With the weather the way it is, riding for the most part is out of the question. I'm sure you diehards are out there in the wintry mix anyway, but for the rest of us staying at home, here's a little something from the vaults of old school. Hopefully it'll tide you over till the sun comes back.

Click here for the goodness!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Australia riding hard

As reported on The Age, an Australian online magazine, folks in the land of kangaroos,bandicoots and pirates are riding a plenty nowadays. Gas hasn't ever really been cheap in Aus, and with a new public transportation overhaul being completed this year, mass transit isn't looking to be much better.

Leave it to the people to find a quicker, cheaper, and more entertaining way to do what they have to do; scooters! So many scooters in fact that sales were up in 2006 by 42 percent (!!!!!) over 2005's figures.
Some of the more interesting quotes:

"A lot of people buying them are white-collared, well-educated and well-travelled. They have seen how well they work in Europe,"

"The traffic is not going to go away, city parking is not going to get any cheaper or easier and petrol is not going to get cheaper, so there are all these good reasons. Plus, they're fun."

Indeed. Click here for the whole shebang!

On another topic, the last post... Well, I'm sure Rev-it didn't realize, but it was our 100th!!! Bravo to us and congrats to all our readers!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Customer Profile: Little Joe & his Chicco

Following the story of VKC's Chicco...

Our friend Jim - who helps us keep the shop minty fresh - picked up our last little Chicco for his son, Joe.

Here he is racing 'round the house.

Joe shows us that nobody's too young to be a Vespisti. Great to know our Chicco ended up in such happy hands!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Year of the oink!

Well, it's a whole new year, and with that new year comes new opportunities to party hard! Currently, we're compiling, organizing, and reorganizing our list of events for the year of the pig. The idea is that we not only want to inform our scootering community of the rides and fun that we partake in week to week, but the events that occur within the community in general. So, with that said, I have this long list of things going on all year that are so awesome, I can hardly keep them to myself!!!!

But, I'm going to anyway.

We're still in the planning stages to make sure that 2007 will be the best year EVAR!!!!! So, if you have any events you'd like us to know about, email me and let me know. So I can let you know. And you can let them know. And so on.