Thursday, August 02, 2007

More Hybrid Action

Picture, siphoned via posted a piece today about Piaggio's HyS hybrid system. It's a little easier to follow for those of us who enjoy the quick-read than say, the Piaggio press release regarding the engine.

For those who've missed it, Piaggio has announced the development (officially this time) of the HyS hybrid motor for implementation into the Vespa LX and the Piaggio MP3. The new 3-mode parallel hybrid motor is an electric and a combustion engine rolled into one, controlled by drive-by-wire technology (ala German cars and expensive Japanese sportbikes). By varying the use of electric and propulsion systems which simultaneously power the rear wheel, fuel mileage is expected upwards of 170MPG!

To read more, check here!
UPDATE!! also has an article on this. I guess once again, Piaggio is the company to talk about. I wouldn't be surprised if this topic is on every automotive site before the end of the year!

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