Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall is here, wear proper gear

As the title says, it is getting colder outside and what that means to us scooter riders is that we have to dress accordingly. Whereas during the summer, one could get away with a t-shirt all day long, nowadays it is best to lenghten the sleeves and probably wear a jacket.

Here are some tips to help keep you comfortable during the autumn season:

  • Because fall air can go from nice to frigid in seconds, layer your clothing for the best warmth.
  • A full face helmet will not only give you the best in crash protection, it will keep your face and head warm.
  • Your hands are extemely vulnerable to frigid air; buy gauntlet style gloves to keep your fingers toasty and to keep air from entering your sleeves and robbing you of warmth.

In addition to dressing to stay comfortable and thus, becoming a safer rider, keep in mind that with the changing of seasons comes some additonal hazards. Some advice:

  • Be aware of traction. Cooler weather reduces available traction by making tire rubber harder. Braking and cornering are also affected by this change, so be cautious.
  • Fallen leaves can be particularly dangerous. Wet and frost covered leaves can take away traction so avoid any large patches if possible.
  • Motorcycles and scooters can be lost in vehicle drivers’ blind spots in the best driving conditions. But when vehicle windows are fogged or frosted, drivers are even more likely to miss seeing you on your motorcycle or scooter. You need to stay alert and drive defensively in the autumn.

Autumn arguably the best season for riding, but it does bring along a unique set of challenges. To stay safe, ride defensively and keep warm and comfortable to help with focus.


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