Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Vespa for your kitchen.. and bath.. and closets.. Licensing FTW!!

Apparently, 2008 will be the year of the Vespa! It seems that Piaggio is pushing to cross promote and advertise everyone's favorite scooter by widening the brand's recognition. A quote from the article posted in Brandweek last Monday:

""The equities of Vespa—Italian design, highly stylish, modern, colorful, free-spirited and environmentally sensitive—should translate well to a number of product categories," said Michael Stone, Beanstalk president and CEO. Stone said the company is focusing on apparel, accessories and kitchen appliances like possibly an espresso maker first. Products are expected to hit stores in late 2008 and will target mid-tier and higher-end retailers."


For years now, there have been a number of items I'd have loved to see with the Vespa twist applied to it. Howzabout you? If there's anything you like to see, let me know and later I'll post a big list on the blog. Who knows? Maybe someone at Piaggio might take a look-see...

For more on the licensing details, click here.

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