Friday, December 07, 2007

Sticker kits!

I just got this email from Piaggio, and let me tell ya, it's awesome! It's a list of part numbers for new accessories for the yet to be released Vespa S!

Amongst the different seat options and topboxes were the sticker kits! The kits range in price from $50 to *75 and also come with graphics for your helmet to match your scoot. How clever is that?

That kits for now are:
  • Silver "Flowers"
  • Red "Flowers
  • "Flags" Italy
  • "Flags" UK
  • "Sport" Red
  • "Sport" White

The "Sport" kits are pretty much racing stripes whereas the "Flags" kits aren't actually flags, but graphics in the flag of said nation's colors. The real nice thing about these kits are the fact that they look like they'll fit easy on LXs, maybe ETs and even GT/GTS bikes.

Sorry I don't have a pic to share with you at the moment, but if you're interested, send me a shout and I'll send you some pix or put in an order for you . The kits themselves aren't slated for release until Feb/March, but that's right around the corner, right?

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