Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rally this weekend!!

We've been doing our best to keep everyone informed, but if we've missed you somehow, here's your chance to get caught up and be 'in the know.' Has the info you're looking for regarding the ONLY fun you should be having this Labor Day weekend!

For those two lazy to click the link, the mayhem includes a Friday meet-n-greet-n-eat (no, we're not eating you, actual food) @ Grinders downtown for a little First Friday action. After absorbing the culture that you didn't know your own city had to offer, you can accompany us on Saturday for a ride around town, a bunch of Arthur Bryant's, and a satisfying, calorie burning ride to Westin, Mo. Sunday involves some brunch and of course, the Greaserama!!

Now that your appetite has been whet, click that link for more specific details or email Jason if you like bothering people :P

Shiny side up!

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