Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scooter prep!

Now that we're getting some riding sunshine back on our roads, its time to do the obvious: ride! However, before you hop in the saddle, its best to go over a few things to not only make sure you are able to enjoy your scoot to its full potential, but to insure maximum safety as well! There are a number of things you should go over, but one of the easiest and probably the most important... The tires!

If you haven't ridden your bike all winter, its pretty much guaranteed that the air pressure (PSI) is going to be low in at least one of your tires. Before you decide to go grocery shopping, you're going to need to fill the rubber back to factory specs. Easy stuff!

First check your owner's manual and see what the suggested amount of air is per tire. Its going to be different between the front and rear wheels, so read carefully. (If you can't find your owner's manual, check the label inside of the glovebox, the info is there too!) Remove the valve stem covers, and while the tires are cold, check to see how much air is actually in there. If its crazy low (I did our X9 demo this morning and the front tire was reading at 3 PSI instead of the 30 PSI that should have been in there!) don't freak! Take your pump and fill your tires accordingly. Done.

For those of you not near an air machine/ or air compressor. If you can make it to the shop, we'll fill your tires, free of charge! If you're lucky, we may even sell you something :)

If you're going to be in the area anyway, you might as well schedule a full service to get your bike ready for the riding season ahead.

Whatever option you choose, make sure your bike is ready and safe for the road out there!

-Shiny side up!

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