Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vespa and Craig Ferguson wants YOU to join the cause!

While flipping through the channels last night to find the PBS program Frontline-which was most excellent, by the way-I came across the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Jill Hennessey from Crossing Jordan was walking on stage when in the background, sitting by itself was a black Vespa LX. In the short amount of time I was able to keep watching, there was no mention as to why the Vespa was on the show, so I changed the channel... Assuming I could ask Mr. Internet and get an answer.

Good 'ol Mr. Internet ALWAYS comes through.
It seems that Mr. Ferguson and Piaggio have joined forces to raise money for a non-for-profit called the Lollipop Theater Newtork. The LTN "brings the magic of movies, currently in theatrical release, to children confined to hospitals nationwide due to chronic and life-threatening illnesses." The Graphite Black with Tan seat LX50 isn't exactly stock as the likes of Derek Luke, Angela Bassett and Lorraine Nicholson (who?) have signed it.
The actual auction starts on Monday, March 19th, but you apparently have to pre-qualify and opening bids start at $3000.

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