Thursday, June 28, 2007

Make sure you get your drive belts serviced!

We recently had a bike come into the shop that was in need of a new drive belt. Normally, a belt will wear out after extended use, but this case was a little different. Not only did it wear out, when it finally broke, it disentegrated and then wrapped itself around all the internals on the clutch side of the case!!
Check out these scary photos!

In the above pic, you can see what is left of the rubber belt. Trust me, its not supposed to look like that. In the pic above that, you can see the remants of what the belt USED to look like, sitting at the bottom of the engine casing. Wows!

This belt failure may have been a fluke, but either way its smart to keep your bike happy by getting it serviced when you are supposed to! It's the best way to keep the above from happening to you when you least expect it!

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