Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Two new financing options available from Vespa USA

Normally, we would avoid posting financing options for scoots on the Vespa KC blog because we're sure you'd rather be reading about about Paris Hilton starving in jail or folks skipping quarantine suggestions... But these new promotions for June are really nice!

As posted on the Vespa USA site here, you now can choose between:
  • $39 a month for 2 years for purchases < $4500
  • $69 a month for 2 years for purchases < $8000

Of course, these are introductory rates, after the two year period you'll have to find a second job, but before that time, you can enjoy your new ride and spend the money you saved on things like:

  • accessories
  • performance upgrades
  • gifts for your favorite blogger...

If you've been thinking about your first Vespa or Piaggio, or just want another one (who doesn't), check here for the full details.

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