Friday, September 19, 2008

Miracolo Italiano

Berlin-based designer, Damian Ortega is currently displaying a show in Turin named Miracolo Italiano. It's based upon a previous work of art that also involves a deconstructed automotive icon, named Cosmic Thing. That body of work involved a VW Bug whereas Ortega's current piece involves three Vespas.

"This takes his Volkswagen project–called Cosmic Thing–to a new level. Where his Bug was a single installation, the Vespa is seen in three stages of completion, allowing the viewer to walk backwards and forwards, creating and dismantling the icon. Icon-deconstruction is a fun process for Ortega; the Volkswagen was one of Mexico’s “most potent symbols of Westernization and mass production”, and the latter applies, within Italy, to Piaggio’s Vespa as well."

For more pics and info, follow the link.

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