Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Economic Stimulus Bill

Aparently, the good ole folks at the AMA have succeeded in getting a motorcycle provision added in the new economic stimulus bill! What this means to you is that if you're looking to buy a new scoot this year, the tax of said scoot will be tax deductible! And it's a deduction off the top line!!!

For example:

You've been wanting that MP3 500 since you first laid your jealous eyes on it.

MP3 500 ie = $8899
Tax = 7.525% or $669.65

Amount you can deduct off the top of your 2009 tax return...

I know its redundant, but I figured it'd be easier to read that way. Anway, it's awesome news if you're looking for a new scoot or wanting to trade-up! Spread the word!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, and it's 8.25% in Texas. Sad... I bought my mp3 500 last year, sigh. Change comes too late for me. Bush sucks!--Lorenzo