Friday, February 06, 2009

This weekend is gonna be a scorcher!

Today and tomorrow should bring some relief from this long cold spell we call Winter! In the 70s today and super warm tomorrow, you might as well admit to everyone that you're gonna call-in sick to go scooter riding.

Here are just two of many things to do this weekend:

FIRST FRIDAYS. Its First Fridays in the Crossroads and it's actually warm! Lots of gallery openings and things to do! Conquer the cabin fever and get out for a change. Local scoot rider and photog awesome Patrick Adams is going to be at Eljay's Coffee House (River Market District) for the opening of J. Meirottos photo show. Check out Adams' site for more.

SCION OPEN rail jam. Tomorrow at the Kansas City Power and Light LIVE venue, Scion is hosting an open snowboard rail jam! Yeah, in the middle of downtown! It's gonna be pretty crazy with with 68 tons of snow being dumped on a 1 and 1/2 story tall hill with 107 foot long rails reaching from the LIVE catwalk down to the stage! People in the know are saying that this is the biggest snowboard event to happen in the Midwest (definitely in Kansas City), and if you're looking to get your X-games fix in for this year, you may not find anything better! More info here.

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