Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How I ride

On one of the blogs I check on the daily, Motorcycle, there was an article posted, named "How I ride."

Normally, I would just link to the post, but this is interesting enough, to me at least, that I'm going to copy and paste so you can just read it as is. For most folks, I'm pretty sure a lot of what was posted by Mr. Frankling doesn't apply, (note: for intermediate to experienced riders) but the overall gist of it should.

"How I ride
John Frankling
Photo, video and writing tips
22 February 2008 12:40

"I have been riding for about 15 years and have found that the most important thing to learn that will keep you alive is to have a very alert mind combined with constantly observing of the immediate traffic situation around you.

Update your riding style to adjust the risk factor so it is in your favour to make progress safely. Don't keep in one mode of progress, ie: fast!

Adjust your speed, There is really no great rush to constantly get there with the feeling that you have beaten everything along the way. The law of averages will show that you are pushing you luck!
Every road/Situation changes no matter how many times you have ridden on it...Parked cars/Weather/Lighting/Traffic Speed/People pulling out(Everything is different from day to day) As was mentioned by someone else.

Always Check before you carry out a manouvre/lane change and always act as if the car/lorry or even other bikers have not noticed you coming up behind manouvre around or through when filtering.
Anyway i hope this helps...It has kept me safe so far and NO i don't just plod around on a Honda C90 with a flat cap and bicycle clips.

I have had many different bikes ranging from small scooters to race reps to custom bikes and I do ride fast but....hopefully safe and that's what counts, remember that you are NOT the only road user when riding your steed!

Happy biking everyone and hope you all enjoy our coming spring summer. STAY SAFE!"

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