Friday, March 07, 2008

Things to do in your town: West Bottom Urban Bazaar

Somehow, I'm on the KC Home and Gardens Magazine newsletter (which is funny considering how much I think that magazine only appeals to 2% of the folks living in KC; a percentage I'm not apart of) and, as I normally would, clicked it for deletion. For whatever reason, I decided to actually read it this time and I'm kinda glad I did, for there was an advert for the West Bottoms Urban Bazaar.

This is a two-day event thrown on by Foundation which showcases local art, crafts, music and decor. It's another one of those things that fit into the "If I wasn't working, I would TOTALLY go to that!" catagory. So, I won't be going, but I figure if I share the knowledge of the Bazaar, I can live vicariously through one of you! So, if you're pining for something to do next weekend, I say hit the Bazaar!

For more info, follow this link.

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