Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sticker kits.. again

So, now that the Piaggio Inventory of 2008 is finally over, we at the shop have a bunch of new (and completely usable) item numbers of which to order accessories. Those sticker kits I mentioned a ways back? Yeah, they're available too.
Previously, I haven't been able to post much more than a few pics of the kits, but that changed with the inventory flip. So, enjoy!

The kits (in order of appearance) are:
  • White Sport Stripes
  • Silver Flowers
  • Yellow Red Flowers
  • Red Sport Stripes
  • UK flag set
  • Italy mod set

We have two of the white sport stripe kits on order, one of which we plan on putting on a showroom bike to see how they look on non Vespa S models. Personally, I plan on putting a set of stripes on my ET as well in the not too distant futre.

If you have any desire to grab up one of these kits for yourself, let me know!

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