Friday, February 20, 2009

Munich custom scooter show 2009

Photo via S.I.P. website.

Feb 7th was the Munich custom show! The last time the show was held there were over 1500 enthusiasts in attendance to check out all the performance, protection and bling pieces for their scoots. That and to party! This year was supposedly just as successful.

S.I.P. has a video up on their website that you check out.

If you rather look at photos, check out pics on Flickr.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe Vespa of Kansas City should throw a little get together at their location in Olathe.
Seems like a Saturday morning meet with doughnuts and free demo rides on new or used scoots would be fun and also a way to get people hyped for spring.
Wouldn't hurt that people would be reminded that Vespa K.C. is still in business.
Maybe your boss would agree with this?