Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mp3 in action II

More MP3 footage.

This is actually a pretty nice clip! It does a nice job of giving us an idea as to what the controls and dash look like as well as what that mysterious "tilt lock" mechanism is used for (0:59 in the video). Check out 1:26 for manuevers that couldn't be done by most on two wheels. Heck, I'm not sure I could do that on four wheels!

Also check out this vid for more basic footage, such as how that underseat/trunk space works!!


ron said...

Have we heard anything about top speed? Are we talking highway legal?

VespaKeef said...

Top speed at this point is unconfirmed, although the now famous Fifth Gear episode (available on this blog) that showcased the MP3 does mention a topspeed for the UK-spec machine.

We are talking about a highway legal bike here, but with its' main purpose being an urban assault vehicle, the emphasis is going to probably be less on highway speed and more on traffic-busting agility and power.