Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Its snowing, its snowing!

Yeah its time once again to pull out the sleds and snowboards, skis and inflatable tubes, ice salt and snow shovels, but that doesn't mean that riding on your two-wheeled vehicle of choice is out of the question.

Okay, maybe it does. I wouldn't be out there in this, but what I consider my limit doesn't apply to everyone.

Riding on an older police-issue Kawasaki 1300, he pulled into our shop to warm up a bit since his gloves were sub-par for the temps. Apparently, he wasn't a police officer, but a funeral escort rider, caught in the snowstorm on his way back from Atchinson. Sounded like bad news, but after witnessing his riding after he warmed himself up and hit the road again, i would have assumed that he was enjoying it!

Safe travels crazyrideinanyweatherguy. And safe travels to you guys out there as well!

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