Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Australia riding hard

As reported on The Age, an Australian online magazine, folks in the land of kangaroos,bandicoots and pirates are riding a plenty nowadays. Gas hasn't ever really been cheap in Aus, and with a new public transportation overhaul being completed this year, mass transit isn't looking to be much better.

Leave it to the people to find a quicker, cheaper, and more entertaining way to do what they have to do; scooters! So many scooters in fact that sales were up in 2006 by 42 percent (!!!!!) over 2005's figures.
Some of the more interesting quotes:

"A lot of people buying them are white-collared, well-educated and well-travelled. They have seen how well they work in Europe,"

"The traffic is not going to go away, city parking is not going to get any cheaper or easier and petrol is not going to get cheaper, so there are all these good reasons. Plus, they're fun."

Indeed. Click here for the whole shebang!

On another topic, the last post... Well, I'm sure Rev-it didn't realize, but it was our 100th!!! Bravo to us and congrats to all our readers!!!


ron said...

what is that a photo of?

VespaKeef said...

Its your favorite marsupial, star of video games and cartoons, the Australian Bandicoot, AKA Pig-rat.