Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Can I have one for Christmas?

It seems the Brits up at Fifth Gear took a Piaggio MP3 to London to battle traffic and set lap times. A very interesting clip that makes the MP3 look mad fun.. BUT, I have to say:

In no way, shape, or form do we condone lane-splitting (the act of driving through stopped or slowly moving traffic) for it is not only dangerous, but not legal in Kansas, Missouri, or this country of which you live. (Exception being California) The specs and options seen on the machine may not reflect what we will recieve as standard or optioned equipment once the bike arrives in our showroom next year. Pricing given is in British Pounds, and MPG estimates have not been given for the U.S. spec bike yet.

I think that covers everything :)

Oh, almost forgot! For those folks looking for a little more insight as to what you may be getting next year (you know who you are!)... Size wise, the "as of yet un-named three-wheeled scooter for the US market" is narrower than a Piaggio X-9 by 5 inches, shorter in length by almost half an inch, lighter, but has the same seat height. Even though the engine output in CCs is half of what the X-9 is, the performance is nearly the same (??). I can't wait till we get our first batch!!! If you want one for yourself, you probably want to call and put a deposit on one, just to be safe. Its going to be first come first served unless you're partially paid for one, so there! :)

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Bryce said...

The 3 wheeler is quite an impressive machine. It's everything the video says, and more.

I had the pleasure of testing it out at the beginning of October. Look for my full review in ScooterWorld magazine. Our next issue hits the scooter shops very soon.