Sunday, December 10, 2006

Go speed racer(s)

Scooter racing, while nothing new, is extremely exciting to watch. However, while being in the US of A and trying to catch up to the UK and the rest of the world as far as all things scooters are concerned, its not a surprise that most of us have never witnessed one. If you didn't know about the existence of scoot racing... Well, now you do!!

While the video was sourced via the DML, I found information regarding this particular GP in China from 2strokebuzz:

"...Macau (a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China) plays host to the 53rd annual Macau Grand Prix. The Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix, run on the Guia Circuit made up of the streets of Macau, is part of a dieing breed of Real Road Racing. The notoriously dangerous race is favored by racers who normally take part in the celebrated Isle of Mann TT. Also being held is the 4th annual MGPC Scooter cup. The race is open to Macau residents and follows the 40th annual Motorcycle Grand Prix on Saturday November 18th. The race includes 50cc or 70cc two stroke scooters and 125cc 4 stroke scooters, each with their own class. PGO entered a G-Max 125 (aka Genuine Blur) in 2004 and won the 125cc class by placing 14th overall. This years entry list does not show a PGO taking part but there are plenty of Yamahas and a smattering of SYM scooters making up the race grid. 2005 podium residents Kin Fei Lai, Mou Heng Tou and Kin Fai Chan (finishing in that order) return for this years challenge. The Scooter Cup, run on the same circuit, has got to be the coolest scooter race on earth. The Macau Grand Prix Committee website offers live audio of the race. "

Exciting stuff! Doing a search for Scooter Racing usually brings up performance parts and such that are meant to make one's scoot a little faster, a little louder, and little more "racey," but in order to see what real scooter racing is, one should check out a quick summary here. The actual British Scooter Sport Organization site has more dept info and can be found here.

Enjoy and let the speed racer dreams begin! Keep em on the track though!

Note: The above video doesn't always display in all browsers. Click this link for a direct stream.

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