Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More three-wheeled info

It seems todays vid wasn't the only thing I somehow missed previously in regards to the whateveritsnameiswhenreleasedinthestates, Looks like the TRA has been working on a MP3 for research.

"The Piaggio MP3 is a highly innovative scooter-like vehicle with two front wheels that promoters say features “power, performance and ease of use”. The unusual front assembly, with two independent tilting wheels, is reputed to be far more stable than any scooter, providing top performance in total safety.
"The MP3, which is already in production, will now serve as the starting point for the EU-funded SIM project (Safety in motion). The aim of the project, says Piaggio's Marco Pieve, is to equip the MP3 with both active and passive safety devices, including an assisted braking system, electronic suspension, air bags and an intelligent navigation system and management tool that will relay system information to the driver.
"The SIM project is set for launch in autumn 2006 and will focus on new safety configurations previously untested on motorcycle-type vehicles."

Wowee wow. ABS, nav-sat and electronic suspsension? Upon further research, there's no word on when we can see this hot-rod, whether in production form or as a concept, but rest assured, when it does arrive, you'll hear about it here. Eventually.

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