Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wha? More?!

Oh yeah, there's always more!

Low and behold more stuff I missed when compiling info on the whateveritsnameis. What you see before you is the EICMA revealed beast that is the MP3 400. Apparently the 125 and 250cc engines weren't enough for the Europe market where the bike is old-hat already. The 400cc engine is the same MASTER engine in the new Beverly 400, is fuel-injected and will see the bike off at speeds north of 98 MPH. Oooh, law-breakin' speed! The bike has a longer wheelbase thanks to the new powerplant and a larger 14" rear wheel.

The crazy windshield on the blue machine may be on the accessories list for ya by the time we get our U.S. bound bikes next year. Although fricken huge, it does look like it would offer amazing wind and weather protection, especially if the only way to get back to the future is to cruise at 88 miles per hour or more.

Rumor mill says we won't see that engine anytime soon on any of our bikes since the EU folks didn't seem to like it in the Beverly 400 so much. Apparently, when you already have a 500cc engine, having a slightly smaller 400cc isn't going get the juices flowing. However, if that engines makes it into a US spec MP3.. Man, I'm drooling on my shirt just thinking about it. No guess when this bike will be built, but I'm pretty positive it will be more than just a concept since pictures abound of the bike using the 125's and 250's tinted accessory windshield.

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