Sunday, October 01, 2006

Future runway models.. via Ducati???

Its the 1rst of October, and I've got corporate news that may or may not lead to interesting things.

It seems that Piaggio group (they make the Vespa that you can't live without) has hired on former Honda and Ducati designer Miguel Galluzzi, as head of the Aprilia design house, the Style Center.

No while all this motorcycle talk may not seem to have anyting to do with us Vespatisi, it always seems that once a design is implemented that captures the hearts of enthusiasts, other similar products follow suit. I imagine that the creator of this....

and this...

might be able to further low minds in the future with some seriously inspired scoots for Piaggio. This is really new news, but if any scooter designs or sketches show up, expect so see them here! For more info on Mr. Galluzzi, click here . For the lazy, Mr. Galluzzi is responsible for one half of the designs that have won numerous awards for the 'worlds most beautiful motorcycle'. The other half, Mr. Tamburini, is not only also Italian, but also worked for Ducati. Let see:
2 guys design a stable of bikes that are considered by the world as the most beautiful, and one of them gets hired on as lead designer for the company that makes the stuff you love.. Now, can you see why I'm so excited??


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