Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rain and Movies

Moto ame.
Piu pioggia.

Whether in Japanese or Italian, 'more rain' is not the type of weather that us riders enjoy. Especially when it's cold outside.

The wet doesn't stop the die-hards from donning their rain gear and riding anyway, and for those of you out there be careful and ride with some distance between the cagers, err.. cars. For the rest of us this Saturday, we're left with other options to keep us light and carefree. Movies anyone?

If you're going to out and see a movie, Chris and Vera give Infamous two thumbs up. Personally, I was a big fan of Capote, but I do plan on hitting the cinema sometime soon and giving it a taste. The other flick on my must see list is The Prestige. If you'd like to share a movie review, send and email my way.

If you're going to stay home and watch a movie, my favorites on a rainy day include Bullit, Faster, and Long Way Round. All are motorhead flicks, but the latter two are documentaries. Steve Mcqueen and the sinister blank-grilled mustang in Bullit should need no introduction, but if you're looking for one, just go out and buy it. Its an exciting classic! Another classic great, the original Italian Job , ranks up there along with Bullit as one of my favorite classic car films. Very funny, very well shot, and very much worth its price in popcorn and black tea.

Of course, I couldn't write about movies and not mention Quadrophenia. I haven't seen this scooter Mod-inspiring flick but Christopher owns a copy. He says its the "best thing since body augmentation," so go out there and find it!

Enjoy your day, dry or wet!

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