Monday, October 30, 2006

Our newest helmet arrivals

Introducing Vespa Soft Touch & Copter helmets
Handmade in Italy

The Vespa Soft Touch helmet is a classic, light jet helmet. It is handmade, accented with textured leather, sewn directly on the shell with a special patented system. The transparent peak is a new and exclusive design. “Soft touch” refers to the name of the painting process, which provides a smooth and matte finish.

Available in four color combinations (matte color plus leather detail): black/black, dark gray/black, silver/red, light blue/light blue.

The Vespa Copter pays tribute to Piaggio's aeronautical history with an eye catching, stylish helmet. Utilizing the same stitch & paint technology as the Soft Touch line, the copter features a flip down visor. Available in two different shell dimensions for small sizes (up to M) and large sizes in order to ensure the best safety standards as well as the best comfort for the rider.

Available in four colors: white/navy, silver/black, silver/red, black/black.

The Vespa helmets feature shells made of a thermoplastic material (polycarbonate). Inside is high-quality hypoallergic Terinda fabric (Dupont patented). The helmet has the classic steel side ring to hook it on the vehicle.

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