Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh, this weather

I'm trying not to keep writing about the weather, but its so Kansas City right now, it's crazy!

Obviously yesterday was a nice riding day, but today requires a return to the baclava and gloves. However, days like this do make you appreciate the warmer days eh? And, understandably, everyone can't be like Christopher or Jason and ride regardless of the climate. So.. Based upon the possibility that we may see more days like today versus sunny days like yesterday, we at the store have been brainstorming a little about what we can do to keep everyone riding, even when you're not riding.

One of those ideas is a Vespa Riders Bowling Night. As is stands a few of us go bowling every Monday night and have a great time. So much fun, in fact, that we thought about starting a team and doing competitive sport-league bowling.

Then I realized that we're kinda lazy.

However, as I marinate on the idea a little more, things will get worked out and I'll post details here on the blog about what when and where. If you're already a part of our email list, you'll get inside info too!

And, as always, if you guys have any suggestions for the blog or even the store, let me know!


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