Friday, September 29, 2006

LX floormats!

Just in! Breaking news! Fire! Fire!

Actually, the long awaited and infamously rumored to never have existed in the first place floormats for the Vespa LX are here!



If you had one on order, expect to hear from us, or just give us a call. If you want one, you betta getta hurry on, these are hot accessories. Not only do they keep your floorboard nice and clean, they give you extra foothold and grip for when your boots/shoes/flinstones become wet and slippery. Nothing more embarrasing than falling off your parked scooter because you slipped when getting onto it. Not that I've done that or anything...

Oh, and for you LX and ET owners, we still have the glovebox organizers (found them actually..) and at $20 a piece, you should be thinking about Xmas for your beloved scoot. You know, since it's treated you so nice this year!
Note: LX owners may need to do a little trimming for the glovebox organizer to fit properly.

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