Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Gear!!

Yesterday, the new Buttons came in.

Today, the Helmet Halos and Nelson Rigg Saddlebags paid us a visit.

The Helmet Halos are exactly that; a halo that fits over your helmet. Its nondescript and not quite unsightly by day...

but bright and magnetizing to all the cars around you under lower light conditions.

The spandex-like halo stretches around either the bottom of your fullface helmet, or diagonally across the temple of your 3/4 helmet, reflecting the energy from headlights back at the cars they belong to. Its highly visible, and only $20 a band.

The Nelson Rigg Mini Saddlebag is way awesome!

Small enough to fit on your scoot, yet big enough to haul your groceries, these little wonders will fit on a variety of machinery. The bottoms are heat resistant and reflective, scalloped and can attach to your bike in a multitude of ways, none of which require any tools. You can either throw them over the seat, or if you want a more semi-permanent fix, attach them under the seat.

They come with rain covers and frame straps. Attached are foam protectors to keep your paintwork nice and shiny, and the zippers have pullers on them for you folks that like to wear gloves when you ride. Also attached are handles, just in case you need to carry your gear inside the office with you.


Both the Halo and the Saddlebags are available for order. We got in enough to satisfy the folks on the waiting list, so if you want either one (or both), just give us a call or send us an email. Shipping time is only 3 days, so let us know.

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