Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy September

Bugs and Teeth don't mix.  Without salt or pepper anyway..

Unoffically the month for riding, one can expect nice cool weather on the ride to and from work. Enjoy the sunshine on your face and the wind beneath your wheels as you bask the shared consciousness that is riding in September!!

Okay, maybe not...
However, this week promises to be darn mild, so if you don't already know, you can expect the air to feel up to 10 degrees cooler than the weather man tells you its going to be, when riding on your scoot or moto that is. So, either bring a light jacket or sweater when making those daily commutes, and if you have to ride at night, stuff something a little heavier under the seat.

Oh, and although you may not be able to help it, try and watch all the smiles during this month; September's cooler weather brings more toothy grins, and more visits to the dentist to remove the gnats and other bugs that get cought in motorists' chompers! Watch out!

Happy Motoring!

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