Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Autumn!!!

The above foto is of our local DOT/SNELL helmet standardization and safety guru, Mr. Chong. He was testing the fit of this helmet, which was labeled large. To everyone's surprise, it was too big for his head. Ironic.

Season change!

Gotta love the turning of the leaves, turning of the temperatures, and the turning of the colors in your hair as the stress from all the upcoming holiday season eating will no doubt sprout a few new grays on your head and add inches to your waist.

Good times.

Because its arguably the best season of the year, and the riding weather is going to be simply superb for the next few months, we're offering a sale!

Let me write that again.

Vespa Kansas City is having a SALE! (till supplies run out) on the few remaining 2006 LX50 Vespas we have in stock! So, if you've been eyeing that tantalizing tool of terrific transportation, I suggest you contact us sooner than later. Try one on for size with a test-ride, and pick up some gear to brag to the neighbors. You can worry about your weight later.

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