Tuesday, September 05, 2006

You and the law

yay, its the police!

The question I've gotten all day is, "So, what engine size requires a motorcycle license?"

The answer to that question is another question, which is, "What state do you reside in?"
The reason for being rude over the phone by answering a question with a question is that in Missouri, anything 50cc or below does NOT require a moto endorsement on your driver's license.

But in Kansas... oh in Kansas.

Contary to popular assumption, in the fine sunflower state, the rule is per MPH, not engine output, so at Vespa Kansas City, even our 50cc bikes require a moto endorsement (they go over 30 MPH), which of course means... taking the licensing test (If you live in Kansas).

No big deal really. See, when purchasing any new road-worthy vehicle, you're given a 30-day tag. In the case of a new scoot, this tag acts as a temporary permit. So, go ahead and drive for that month and enjoy yourself, but make sure you're learning while out there; you have to take the driving test when your time is up.. Or do you???

Read on for more.

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