Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Overcast with chances of busy

No sun in sight today, but that isn't keeping anyone from stopping in. We're busy today!!

The nice September weather is keeping us cool on the rides to and fro, but with those drops in temps, one must remember to bundle up. The best way to combat the cool is not by bringing the heavest jacket you own, but by applying the rules used by the Burton snowboarding team. Dress in layers. A nice underlayer wil keep you skin toasty while an overlayer (your work clothes probably) will further help moderate the chill. Any extra layers will help keep air circulating while keeping you snug and satisfied.

For the ladies out there, you may want to wear stockings or long johns under your work slacks. Sure, you may have to take em' off when at the office, but that's a small price to pay for having so much fun on the way there :)

If you plan on stopping by the shop today, expect to hear the tunes of Brian Wilson's "Smile" on the speakerbox. -Keef.

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