Thursday, September 14, 2006

AM & FM comes standard

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Apple unleashed a plethora of new ipod gear this week, one of which being the new clip-style shuffle (pictured above). Normally, I wouldn't suggest riding on two wheels with music playing in your helmet, because, well frankly, you need those ears to detect obstacles and various dangers while on the road. However, a lot of us do ride and enjoy music, but then the problem becomes dealing with how to keep the wires from the earphones out of the way, and where to put that clunky music box.

If you're thinking of doing the tune thing the new shuffle is a tiny little unit that literally clips onto whatever like a clothespin. Tucked out of the way and one less thing to worry about. Although, you might as well know the law. The law behind riding in ANY vehicle with things in your ears other than earplugs is pretty much.. One ear only. If you're seen riding with an earbud in BOTH ears, you get a ticket..

Click here to see what I mean.

Don't be like that guy. Tickets suck.

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