Thursday, September 28, 2006

September Christmas Tree

Last night, a friend and I decided to go on a semi-impromptu night ride through KCMO. All went well, until it rained, that is. Of course, the rain started after only 15 minutes of riding, and of course, in that 15 minutes, we found ourselves lost in Parkville. Of course.

We found ourselves at a crossroads: either we turn around and go the way we came (which was across a gravel road.. not recommended by the way, or press on ahead and see what turns up. Mind you it was pitch black out there except for our headlights and the occasional lights of passing cars. Fun stuff. Luckily, I was wearing some of the new gear from the store:

So with all the reflective taping I was wearing, I not only created a highly visible signal for on coming traffic to spot (and they did, trust me. They slowed down to oogle and stare. Funny stuff), but I also was a burning beacon for Ryan to follow.

We finally found ourselves at a 435 junction, but that meant getting on Interstate, and its hard enough to see the lines in the road at night time, but imagine trying to see those lines in the light absorbing rain.. Then imagine trying to see those two motorcyclists in that same rain.. Yeah, sounds like a recipe for disaster, eh? Not so much.

Ryan took the back position as I raced up ahead, turned on his highbeams, and as he said, "Lit up the right lane of 435 South like a Christmas tree." Good to know the stuff works in the worst conditions, not just for everyday riding. It may not make me invicible on the road, but after last night, I sure do feel that I wasn't INVISIBLE for a change.

The gear worn in question is the Helmet Halo and the Icon MILSPEC vest .
The vest (as an answer to an email question, thanks rob) has a LOT of reflective tape. Heck, on the specification sheet that comes with every vest, the next to last feature says, "Highly Reflective Tape for Lazy-Ass Car Drivers"! Hee hee!

Anyway, you need this stuff if you plan on doing any driving past dawn, and because they're priced to make you ask "why didn't I do this sooner?" you should give us a call or swing by and pick some up.


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