Friday, September 15, 2006

FAQ update


Made a change to the FAQ which is linked to the right. Oops, I meant the left! Having two FAQs didn't make much sense, so I killed one of them. Kinda.... The original is still and always will be available here, but the other one is now...

This is where you make a drumroll sound with your mouth...


Vespa Kansas City's SCOOTER TIPS!

From here on out, that file will contain valuable info regarding things such as how to properly stop at an intersection or how to attach the grocery bags to the seat hook without the bag coming off... You know, stuff you care about :)

Anyway, expect the first new post in the next day or so, and if you have any questions that you think will be a worthy addition to the Scooter Tips, send it my way.

Have a good weekend!

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