Friday, September 08, 2006

Don't break the law

Today we had a visit from a parole officer. Apparently, folks are losing their driver's licenses via DUI and are trying to bypass the law by riding scoots. In some states, you CAN continue your daily errands via scooter, even if you lost your driving priviledges by doing something completely stupid like driving under the influence.

Of course, there are stipulations.. In Kansas, if the 2-wheeled vehicle is either over 125ccs and/or capable of going over 30MPH, its not considered a moped, it is considered a motorcycle and yup, you guessed it, you can't drive it without proper licensing, which means if you lost yours... you are left riding the bus. Or if you vote for it in November, the light rail.

Anyway, if you have questions about this, send your mouse cursor over this way.

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