Saturday, September 09, 2006

Free press

Apparently, scootering can be big news. We had the KC Star article earlier this week which proved to garner up quite a bit of interest via the phone (just come in and say hi folks!), and now we're in the October 06 issue of Cycle World Magazine.

The CW ad deals with the Piaggio MP3 and can be found on page 30. I haven't checked yet, but there may be an online version of the article on the CW site. Anyhow, its a short little write up, mostly explaining how the technology behind this ground-breaking vehicle is supposed to work for the average joe, and the mag seems to like it.

Also, on the same page, there's a tidbit about the Vespa LX50 HYBRID prototype that Piaggio is working on. Pick up a copy as it's out on shelves now.


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