Thursday, September 07, 2006

Piaggio MP3

Nice three wheeled machine

that's right; THREE wheels. Many of you may know about this incoming phenom of the motorcycling world, many of you may not. But what makes this not-quite-a-trike so special is that the front suspension leans. Up to 40 degrees, at that! Not only does that make this bike more stable than any scooter on the market, but it brakes 20% more efficiently AND has more high-turn stability than your average four-wheeled car!!


At the shop we already have a bunch of folks on a list ready to grab when the product arrives stateside. Unfortunately, I don't know when that is... BUT, the U.K. seems to have been enjoying theirs since the middle of August. Click this link to see what I mean.

As far as more general info about the MP3, check here or here and gather some knowledge.

For lazy folks, the MP3 is a scooter designed for those who want a spirited ride without having to worry of falling off. Heck, there's not even a kickstand! Three wheels versus two means more grip, even in the wet, with traffic busting power in either a 125cc or 250cc engine. If you're the type who likes the benefits of a scooter or motorbike, but are afraid of it because of balancing or maneuverability, this is the vehicle for you.

Shoot us an email if you want to add yourself to the contact list.

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